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1. What happens if there is no Wi-Fi in our venue?

We don’t rely on venue’s Wi-fi as its often too crowded to stream reliably from. We bring our own state of the art mobile wi-fi routers which connect to all the major networks, we choose the best for the venue and stream via that, nothing is left to chance.


2. What happens if there is no mobile signal at all at our venue? 

If, with our powerful external antennas, we still can’t get a signal, we would record the ceremony then, as soon as it was finished, one of the team would drive to a location and set up a delayed stream. Usually you are no further than 30 mins from a fast enough 4g signal with one of the networks, so worst case scenario, your wedding would be streamed 1.5 hours later. 


3. Where will my wedding be streamed to? 

Your wedding will be streamed directly to a private page on our website. We’d provide a private link to a section of our website for your guests to watch. We also conduct a trial stream for your guests to get familiar with how to log on, so nobody misses your big day.


4. Is it intrusive?

Not at all, we can set up to the side and won’t get in the way in most venues. We aim to try to be as inconspicuous as possible, our cameras are all remotely controlled and wireless so we really have a small footprint at your wedding.


5. I’ve seen lots of streams on the internet and the quality is not great? 

Our equipment coupled with our tech knowledge ensures that the stream will be of a high quality. As long as we get a decent mobile signal we will be able to stream in HD, at least 720p but usually 1080p. we also use micro wireless mics so the sound is great too.


6. Why can’t I just ask a friend to stream it from their phone to the internet? 

You can, unfortunately live streaming from inside a crowded building with stone walls and lots of other people using the network, can be a bit hit and miss (more often than not miss). It’s also difficult to keep a camera steady for a long time, so the visual results even if the stream is good can be hard to watch. We also strategically place wireless micro-microphones close to where you will be exchanging vows so we capture all the crystal clear audio. 


7. I have a videographer why do I need you?

We do a different (although ever so slightly similar) job. A videographer takes lots of footage and spends hours (sometimes days) putting a movie of your wedding together. We are capturing a live moment and streaming it instantly to your remote guests who can’t attend. You also won’t have to wait months to watch back your memorable moments.

8. Will I be able to watch my wedding back? 

Yes, your stream is re-watchable as many times as you want. A few minutes after your event finishes, you can tune in and watch it as often as you wish. You can also read and reply to all the comments left by your virtual guests. The option is also there to download it to keep forever, its yours.

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